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Recharge & Reboot

Business Lounge With Sky Terrace
If you’ve been in the workforce long enough, you’d know what magic a cup of coffee can yield. Couple that with a soothing cafe-like ambience and delicious lounge music, and you have the perfect space to keep out the pressure of work. Swing by for a game of pool while informally chatting away on that new idea. Check in for a foosball match to settle that minor dispute. Or, if you fancy, bring the party here after a triumphant meeting - just let us know in advance and catering can be arranged.
Recharge & Reboot



  • Improves memory - during sleep, recent memories are transferred to the neocortex, where long-term memories are solidified and stored. You will suddenly remember when that report is due.
  • Prevents burnout - putting in extra hours without rest dramatically reduces your productivity. Taking a 30-minute nap before returning to your work keeps you refreshed. Now you know what to do when a brainstorming session hits a snag.
  • Heightens creativity - napping improves your creativity by loosening up the web of ideas in your head and fusing disparate insights together. So go ahead - sleep on that problem and watch it untangle itself.


  • Treats depression - exposure to cold water results in activation of the nervous system, increasing the level of beta-endorphins and noradrenaline, which reduces depression. So the next time a client says “no” to you, go hit the showers.

  • Reduces stress - within 60 minutes of taking a bath, your cortisol and chromogranin levels will reduce significantly. Instead of pulling your hair out, pull up at our Splash Room.

  • Reduces muscle tension - a simple, warm bath can ease the back/neck pain from sitting all day. So don’t sit on it, come wash away the pain.
Store & Restore
The provision of on-site Data Centre puts Pentagon Suite in a very unique position - for the first time ever in Malaysia, Serviced and Virtual Offices come with a dedicated, professional, and 24-hour manned Data Centre, complete with firewall and on-site maintenance and assistance. This is a one-of-a-kind combo that we believe can become a tremendous competitive edge for both Pentagon Suite and your business. We implore you to take advantage of this exclusive offering and take your business to the next level.